This year’s edition of Athens Art Book Fair welcomes Fade Radio, an online radio platform that started as an independent initiative two years ago in Athens.

The core of our collaboration is to provide a field where publishing practices can form alternative ways of expression, as well as to make the scheduled events accessible to  audiences outside Athens. Fade will be streaming live podcasts, sound performances, music shows, and DJ sets that will take place at the Athens Conservatory while it will work as an extension of the public program, focusing on exploring different aspects of the exhibitors’ publishing approaches. 

During the opening hours of the Fair, the public will have the opportunity to listen to radio shows curated by exhibitors along with stories of the greek publishing scene, narrated by the local artists. 

explore the program here

Or pick a show below:

  1. Public Program
  1. Broadcasted Pages: Tales from the Local Scene
  1. AABF Invites:

Burn~Août Editions

Magma Radio: A Mexican Fairytale

Difficult to Find the Lost Things w/ Erica Scourti

Inflorescence w/ Eleni Poulou & Theresa Patzschke

FLEE Project: A Tax Free Tombstone

Folded City: Street Breeze

Escapism w/ Hideout Editions

Untitled-1: Untitled-1, ΑΚΤΙΝΑ(1)

Mpataria: Radio Slam

Well Gedacht Publishing plays records

  1. Live Acts

Friday 23th – Papi the Dog TV

Saturday 24th – I Broke the Vase

Sunday 25th Live DJ set – Bucle Publications 

  1. AABF: Team’s Picks

Caterina’s Picks

Zina’s Picks

Lydia’s Picks