What is the AABF?
The ABBF is an international art book fair that happens once a year and hosts artists, publishers, zinesters and anything in-between from Greece and abroad.

What are we looking for?
We aim to prioritise artists and publishers who are devoted to the printed medium and to contemporary artist publications, as there is not many other platforms to showcase their work in Greece, with this in mind we are looking for practitioners with an on-going publishing practice — this roughly translates to at least a handful of publications per exhibitor.

How can I apply?
If you are a publishing practitioner (be that an artist, a zine, a publisher, a distributor, a bookshop, a library, etc) with an on-going practice you can apply for a table by filling out this form.

Can I apply with a single publication?
No and yes! You are not legible for a table with a single publication but you can apply to be part of our collective table (for logistical purposes this applies to local exhibitors only).

What is the Collective Table?
The AABF aims to give visibility to artists, publishers, zinesters, etc with an on-going publishing or printing practice. This means that in order to participate in the fair as an exhibitor we require at least a hand-full of publications. Having said that we know (first hand) that an “on-going practice” is often not attainable for everyone so it was vital for us to create an inclusive way to showcase the wonderful range of publications and printed matter produced around us – more often than not as one-offs. This is why we created the Collective Table. There we host a selection of books, zines, catalogues, prints, etc that do not belong to an “on-going” practice but are a big part of what makes our scene unique. Please note that participants in the collective table are not physically present at the table, a member of our team is responsible for sales and communication of the presented works.

Can I apply with a publication proposal?
No, we only accept projects that have already been materialised.

How many exhibitors get accepted?
The Athens Art Book Fair is an inclusive curated event, due to space restrictions, places are limited and there is a selection process involved. The venue capacity for our 2022 edition no more than 100 exhibitors.

When will I know if I was accepted?
All applicants will be notified by early June.

Do I need to pay to participate?
Yes, the Athens Art Book Fair is artist-run and currently only funded by the contribution of our participants. We aspire to be as fair as possible and know first hand that a horizontal rate can still exclude participants from certain social groups so we devised three different fee categories: 60€ for artists, zinesters and DIY projects, 90€ for publishers, small presses, magazines and distributors and 200€ for large institutions. Note that the fee is per exhibitor (remains the same in joint tables) and covers all three days of the event.

As an exhibitor do I need to be physically present during the fair?
Absolutely! All exhibitors with a table are required to be present during the fair and responsible for their table, publications, sales and receipts.